Genetic Research
Ovarian/Breast Cancer Causing Gene
As you may know, Meri Winkel Koschnitzke, passed away on March 6, 2007 at age 38. She was May Baker and Henry Leon Winkel’s daughter. Her passing was a result of ovarian cancer. Because she was so young, she was genetically tested and found to carry a gene that caused a high rate of early ovarian/breast cancer. Through the testing of other family members it was found that this gene most likely came from Wilma Gardner’s family line. This means any child born to Henry and Wilma had a 50% chance of carrying this gene. If the child tests negative, the grandchildren have a 0% chance of being a carrier through that line. The genetic marker is BRCA 1. (IVS14-2A>G).

Paternal DNA Research

I submitted a DNA sample for a Y-Chromosome 67 Markers test. When I had the test performed in 2007, the Y-DNA 67 Marker test was the highest resolution Y-DNA test in the world. They now have a 111 marker test. The Y chromosome test checks for genetic matches between males.

The results of the test are placed in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA database and when 2 people show the same identical or near identical results, they inform both parties if you have both signed the FTDNA Release Form. A perfect match of 67 markers means a very tight connection: a common ancestor in very recent times.

Genetic Results

Paternal DNA Research

I have created a “Winkel” project available at: Family Tree DNA to help Winkel’s perform research. Those related to me do not need to join since my Y-DNA results cover the whole family. I get full 67 marker hits about once a year. These people can be contacted to join their genealogy with those in the Hendrik Winkel line.

Our results from Family Tree DNA have also been sent to ysearch. This is probably the most likely location for family members to do research. Interestingly the last names of those who we have exact matches are:

  • Voorhis
  • Voorhis
  • Tabor
  • Voorhees
  • Strijker
  • Van Voorhees

More distant matches include:

  • Voorhies
  • Vorhes
  • Vorhies
  • Voris

See a patern here? There are many other names represented besides those derivatives of Voorhees. Not a single Winkel has been matches. For more information see the my blog posting on the subject.

Results were also forwarded to National Geographic for there Genographic Project.

I also sent a DNA sample to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. SMGF is a free DNA service but you don’t directly receive any results.

Family members can contact me for help accessing our results at these sites.

There is much more genetic research that can be done. I’ve only done the Y-DNA testing. Another common test is the Mitochondria – mtDNA Tests that trace materal lines.