Toy Winkel

Here is a great Christmas gift….for a teething baby. A toy Winkel.

I ordered one years ago. Mildly amusing. They sell them on Amazon.


Toy Winkel



Welcome to the new “Winkel” website. It’s hard to believe that this website went online in 1996, almost 20 years ago.

What you are seeing is 3.0.  The third major evolution. 1.0 was a simple page with no frills. The Internet was low powered back then. Slow links meant low resolution images. The simpler the faster. 1.0

2.0 was frame based. Navigation was improved but flat in appearance.

old site 2

3.0 leverages social media with our Facebook group. We also link to videos on Winkel Family Youtube channel. The page has a more modern look. 3.0

Ultimately a webpage’s value rests on its content. Hopefully you will find the histories, photos and interest pages valuable and fun. I’m happy to make updates when new information becomes available.

Jerry Winkel